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About Us

Max Johnston swimming is dedicated to providing high quality lessons where every child is happy and safe in the water. I believe in building a relationship with all our children so that they are as comfortable and happy as possible in the water. I believe that swimming is more than just a water based activity, it is a huge life skill that all children should have access to.


In my opinion, teaching a child to swim is more than collecting a badge or being told how far they can swim, and this is what I am passionate about.     I provide huge amounts of feedback to our parents/carers about their children, we would like to think that we are more than a swim school and more of a swimming family. 

The aim of Max Johnston swimming is to build a community of children that love and enjoy the water. My vision isn't to build the biggest swim school but to provide the highest quality of lessons to the children I have, and by keeping the classes small and staying on track with child development this will be possible. 

I pride myself on having very small classes where children have the time and space to learn at their own pace whilst enjoying the water and learning this amazing skill.

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